Sunday, February 22, 2015

Upcoming TLM's in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

First,  Holy Week services in the Extraordinary Form will once again take place at Holy Trinity Church, Sixth and Spruce Streets Philadelphia.  Liturgies are as follows:

Palm Sunday:  12 Noon
Holy Thursday: 7PM
Good Friday: 5 PM
Holy Saturday: The Great Vigil of Easter at 5 PM
Easter Sunday: 12 Noon

Parking restrictions will be relaxed with the usual arrangements for Sunday in place.

On March 17, low Mass at Maternity BVM Church in Port Richmond, Philadelphia at 7 PM for the Feast of St. Patrick.

On March 19, Solemn High Mass for the Feast of St. Joseph at St. Joseph's Church in Collingdale, Delaware County, PA at 7 PM.

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  1. Finally have the opportunity to visit your lovely Latin Mass...coming on Holy Thursday!

    1. Sorry to have missed you (and this comment). I haven't been to Holy Trinity in a few months b/c of the need to attend an earlier Mass but I'm hoping to go back there soon. Last year's Triduum was quite beautiful and I'm certain it was equally so this year. Blessed Easter!