Saturday, September 27, 2014

Upcoming Fall 2014 Philadelphia-Area Latin Masses

The following information comes from the blog of the Holy Trinity Traditional Latin Mass Community, of which the blog administrator is a member.  More information will be provided as it becomes available.  Please spread the word about these TLM's and make every effort to attend as many as you can.  Thank you and God bless you.

Sat. 10/11/14 - 12 PM -  Feast of the Maternity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
                        (Low Mass with hymns; Rev. Harold B. McKale, celebrant)
                        (Confessions heard in the Lower Church from 11:30 AM - Noon)

Tues. 11/18/14 - 7 PM - Feast of the Dedication of the Basilicas of Sts. Peter & Paul
                         (Sung High Mass/Missa Cantata; Rev. Harold B. McKale, celebrant)
                         (Rev. Michael Pawelko (of St. Joseph Parish in Ashton, PA), sermon
                         Palestrina: Missa Brevis

Fri. 12/12/14 - 7 PM - Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Nativity Parish
                         (Low Mass with hymns, Rev. Harold B. McKale, celebrant)

Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman Catholic Church
2535 E. Allegheny Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19134
Rev. Dennis Fedak, Pastor


  1. I attend Holy Trinity sometimes and I've noticed there are a lot of young people there (but everyone scurries away after mass). Any thought given to starting a Juventutem in Philly or other young adults group for those who attend/appreciate the extraordinary form? I think it would be welcome. God bless.

  2. As I am not exactly a young person, I must confess to not having given this thought. I would encourage you to speak to the chaplain, Father Harold McKale, after Mass. The "scurrying" that takes place after Mass is unfortunately due to the very narrow window of time the TLM community is given on Sundays and other feasts at Holy Trinity. When the congregation was located at St Paul's in South Philadelphia we regularly had receptions in the rectory. It is a very different story at Holy Trinity since there is no space for a gathering. God bless you.