Monday, June 17, 2013

Traditional Latin Mass Moving From St. Paul's in South Philadelphia to Holy Trinity in Society Hill Philadelphia

Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Church Project
As some of the followers of this blog already know, the future of the TLM  at St. Paul's was uncertain due to the transfer of the pastor to another parish and the naming of a replacement priest who does not offer the Extraordinary Form of the Mass.  Father Dennis Gill, Director of the Office of Divine Worship for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, informed the TLM community at St. Paul's yesterday that commencing on the first Sunday in July, the Extraordinary Form of the Mass will  be offered at Holy Trinity Church at 6th and Spruce Streets in Society Hill Philadelphia.  Father Ronald Check will be responsible for directing and coordinating the TLM.

The time of the Mass will remain the same - 12 o'clock Noon every Sunday.  Other particular details will be made known as they become available.

Photos of the interior of the church are few and far in between but this link has a slide show that displays various interior and exterior views as well as offering the history of the church building.  Holy Trinity originally served as a national parish for German-speaking immigrants.  One of the photos in the slide show reveals German inscription on the Stations of the Cross.

The blog administrator extends sincere gratitude to the Archbishop of Philadelphia, His Excellency Bishop Charles Chaput, OFM, for his efforts in ensuring the continuation of the TLM in Center City Philadelphia and to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for the wisdom of his instruction in Summorum Pontificum.  Many thanks to Father Dennis Gill for his generosity in personally delivering the news to the TLM congregation and making himself available after Mass for introductions, questions, etc.

The blog administrator also takes this opportunity to express heart-felt thanks to Father Gerald Carey, who initiated the celebration of the TLM at St. Paul's and to the dedicated core group of altar servers, musicians and others who work tirelessly behind the scenes each week so that beautiful and fitting worship may be offered to God.


  1. Whoever you are, we were talking about you today after the last TLM at St. Paul's, and weren't sure if you were in attendance there or not. We assumed you might at least be networked with the photographer with the SLR.

  2. I was in fact in attendance and am a parishioner at St. Paul's as well as the mother of the young lady who took many of the photos that are posted on this blog. God-willing, we will also be in attendance every Sunday at Holy Trinity. Whether we continue to take and publish photos remains to be seen and will be at the discretion of the priest named as chaplain to the TLM community from St. Paul's.

  3. Hi TLW, it's me again, "Anonymous," and while I don't have a Blogger account at the moment, I'm confidently hopeful that the new priest -- very nice fellow -- will be a very welcoming sort. If we help him, he'll help us, and we can all give our labors to God. We have a great deal to be thankful for with the new site at Holy Trinity! God never closes one door without opening another.

    Forgive me, but the other day on here I meant to say, "Whoever you are, good work with this site." :) God bless!

  4. Thank you Anonymous - I had a feeling you left out part of what you intended to say :)

    I wholly agree with the sentiments you shared regarding the door that has been opened to us at Holy Trinity.

    Thank you for stopping by and God bless you!

  5. Is the traditional Latin Mass still be celebrated at Trinity Church, 6th and Spruce, Philadelphia?

  6. It sure is, every Sunday at 12 Noon. On May 29 the Feast of the Ascension the TLM will be at 7pm