Sunday, March 24, 2013

Palm Sunday in the Extraordinary Form 2013

 Once again, St Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, the worship site in the parish of St Paul's Philadelphia, served as the ecclesia collecta for Palm Sunday, with the blessing and distribution of Palm taking place there, followed by the procession of the faithful to St. Paul's a few blocks away.  The procession makes its way each year through the neighborhoods which comprise South Philadelphia's 9th Street Market before culminating in the Traditional Latin Mass at St. Paul's including the chanting of the Passion.  This year members of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre formally participated in the procession.


  1. Joyce, is this where you go to Mass? You know, I want to cry! How could they take this away from us? I knew this childhood. And even then, it touched my soul so deeply. You are so blessed to be able to attend the TLM. Please pray for those of us who do not know such splendor and beauty and tradition. xo

  2. Yes, Patricia, this is where I go to Mass. We are very blessed to have the pastor that we do. The Novus Ordo Masses that he offers are also always very reverential and in strict accordance with the rubrics. I do pray for those who do not have such beauty to offer to God, just as I prayed to St. Therese that she would intercede for us at my parish to have a regularly-offered TLM. She hears me even when I just mention things casually and don't ask for them. For instance, when a very devout priest was transferred out of the parish where I used to attend weekday Mass, I mentioned to her that it would be wonderful if she could do anything to get another priest who I thought would make a wonderful replacement. Imagine my delight when a week later, the priest who exited the sacristy was the very priest I hoped God would send to replace the other! Ask, and you shall receive! And I will pray for you as well! Joyce +JMJT+

  3. Joyce, it will take a miracle here...but I will ask. Thanks for praying with me.

    Therese loves you! I'm going to try that. We are losing our pastor at my "real" parish in Baton Rouge, and I so wish he would be sent to the parish close to my house...the one with the Way of the Cross all about "me." :)

    Meanwhile, enjoy your Heaven on earth when you attend these soul is starving, just looking at the pictures!

    We were made for Beauty, for God is Beauty. I'll never understand why they thought banners and tables for altars and sterile looking churches would be BETTER!!! God bless you, JOyce!