Sunday, July 1, 2012

High Solemn Mass in the Extraordinary Form: Feast of the Most Precious Blood

Following are some photos of the TLM at St Paul Church, South Philadelphia, for the Feast of the Most Precious Blood.  The celebrant was Father Dennis Carbonaro, pastor of Our Lady of Consolation Church in the Tacony section of Philadelphia.  The pastor of St Paul Church, Father Gerald P. Carey, served as Deacon.  Mr. Christopher Moriconi,  a 3rd year collegian St. Charles Seminary, served as Subdeacon.  Mr.Moriconi recently received the minor orders of Lector and Acolyte and is on parish assignment this summer at St. Madeline's Church, Ridley Park, PA.  This was his first TLM as Subdeacon.

Following the Mass, a reception was held in the rectory.  Many thanks to Mrs. Paula Miola and the ladies of the Ancillae Domini for planning and provisioning this event.  Sincere thanks also to Mr. Thomas Rudolph for    his generosity in both taking photos and working to ensure that all our visitors were both welcomed and well-fed.


  1. It was a lovely Mass, and great to see a larger number of people in the congregation!

  2. Beautiful pictures and vestments. Is this a new set?

  3. I honestly do not know anything about the vestments or where they came from but there have been enough questions about them that I think I shall ask tomorrow after the TLM. Thank you for stopping by and God bless.

  4. Do you happen to know whether there will be a Mass for the Transfiguration or the Assumption?

    Thank you for your beautiful site.

  5. Dear Seminarian:
    I do not but (along with inquiring about the vestments!) I will find out for you. Your kind comments are most appreciated. Rest assured you will be in our prayers.