Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pentecost Sunday at St. Paul Church Philadelphia

Vidi aquam

Father Carey seated during the Gloria

Kneeling during the Gradual
Incensation of the Gospel

The exchange of the kiss of peace via the pax bede or instrument of peace.

Genuflection during the Last Gospel at the Incarnation


  1. Just as a note: the object that is being kissed is not a relic but is called a "pax instrument" or a "pax brede" which is a very old way to transfer the kiss of peace during the Mass when a deacon and subdeacon are not present.

  2. Thank you, I did wonder about that. It seems to me that there are subtle differences in the TLM since Father Carey first began offering this Mass and the fairly recent introduction of the pax bede is one such example. Others are the changes in posture of the servers at the start of the asperges ms and the fact that most people are now choosing to sit while Father vests. Therefore, any commentary or correction you can offer is much appreciated.